Main Products

"KTC Switchgears is an outstanding forerunner in the quality manufacturing & export-ready wide-ranging products".


MCB Distribution Boards

DBs come in a ready to install out-of-box packaging, complete with neutral-links, earth-links, and bus-channel.


Rewirable Switch Fuse Unit

Fully interlocking door, ensures safety for operators, under unsupervised scenarios, or unpredictable circumstances.


Off-Load Change Over

High grade electrolytic copper contacts ensure optimal current carrying capacity, improved thermal properties, and longer life.


BusBar System

Comes in soothing color and texture; superior epoxy polyester powder coating imparts scratch and weather resistance.


Control Switch

High grade electrical contact parts, with rust proof treatment, DMC material used for high insulation.


Porcelain Insulator

All our insulators can normally withstand the line voltage for a considerable time without failing.


Heater Plate

We use the highest quality refractory ceramic for heater plates, High quality ceramic permits the use of exceptionally heavy gauge heating wires.


Rewirable Fuse Carrier & Base

High degree of mechanical strength, Robust operating mechanism; carrier fits firmly/tightly into the base.


A.C Box

High grade PVC granules impart good luster, finish and sturdy housing, Extremely lightweight; almost 25% the weight of a similar metal box .

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