Our Products

"The product quality was always as promised, and on time".

KTC Switchgears is an outstanding forerunner in the quality manufacturing & export-ready wide-ranging products.
Electrical Switchgears, Distribution Boards, MCB's & various types of Electrical Products of International Standards. The company was configured on keeping 'Quality' & 'Economy' as the basic parameters to the sound foundation. "The product quality was always as promised, and on time" - 'A' class contractor, NE-India
"Because of consistency in product quality, we got excellent repeat orders" - Government Suppliers, East Coast India
"Customers ask for KTC, as the safety and value proposition are among the best in class" - Prominent Market Wholesaler, Central India

Rewirable Switch Fuse Units

Fully interlocking door, ensures safety for operators, under unsupervised scenarios, or unpredictable circumstances.

MCB Distribution Boards

DBs come in a ready to install out-of-box packaging, complete with neutral-links, earth-links, and bus-channel.

Off-Load Changeovers

High grade make-n-break capacity; rigorously tested, High grade make-n-break capacity; rigorously tested.

A.C Box

Extremely lightweight; almost 25% the weight of a similar metal box, Well crafted dimensions; modifiable as per requirement.

""The mark of excellence is our unfathomable spirit, persevering every day, to instill unmatched trust, confidence and brand recognition across boundaries, riding on the back of our superior quality of products". "